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All the Snacks

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Snacks but make them fancy. All the Snacks is one of our favourites, filled with delicious and quality products. They'll love receiving it!

Every Kadobox comes in a high quality white box, tied up with a black vegan leather cord. We also personally handwrite your message for your lucky recipient. Yup, you won't see a typed up message because we love making things personal. Just don't forget to leave your message at checkout.

What’s in the box?

1 x Koko Black Chocolate Block

1 x Leif Tea Co. Tea

1 x Nuts About Nuts

1 x Fluffe Fairy Floss

1 x GH Nutrition Energy Ball

1 x Kadobox Signature Mini Personalised Photographs

1 x MFGD Wooden Stand

Handwritten Card


Note: Flavours of products may vary depending on availability.

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